Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Scary Witch

Paige is really not a scary witch. She is a really cute witch. We really don't know how this girl got to be so photogenic, its perplexing, and really quite amazing, but hey as a parent of course we think shes talented, smart, and beautiful. She wanted to be a vampire bat for Halloween (I don't know where that came from), but we stumbled upon the witch costume and she loved it.

Gracie, Gracie, Gracie

Thats our girl. Well at least one of them. Gracie is such a ham. We were looking at the goats. I guess she is practicing her sign language. I am not sure exactly which sign was for us and which was for the goats.

Oh Whitney

We have always believed Whitney has the most convincing pout. Here is the proof. I went with her on her school fieldtrip to the Pumpkin Patch. You'd think she was getting shots or something. She really did have a great time. This is just her picture face. She is so funny.

Our little cutie

This was how Crew spent his time at the pumpkin patch. He loved it!!!! Isn't he adorable though really. Seriously he is so darn cute it is really hard just to let him sleep sometimes.

Here I go trying to take a sec to actually update our life online. Here are the kids. October has been a great month for our family. We have been to the pumpkin patch several times. The weather has been suprisingly great, and we have spent as much time outdoors as possible. We know winter is on the way and rain for months to come. The kids are all amazing. Its shocking how much they change, and how fast. Halloween was today and we all (except Crew because he is super sick) have had a great time. In case you were wondering are drapes are tied up in the background because when we let brownie our bunny out she likes to chew on them. Also, the girls happen to be standing on our new hardwood floors. They are not quite finished yet. Hopefully sometime this year. However they look good in the picture. As long as you don't run across them barefoot (you will get slivers, trust me I know) they are great. Rob has been working really hard on them. If you don't know the story, well its long and I will post it with a different picture.