Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Paige

Right after the holidays we go into birthday mode. Paige, Grace, and I all have our birthdays within 1 month of each other. So it gets a bit crazy. This was the beginning with Paige turning 9. This year we let her have a "sleepover". In theory it seemed like a great idea. The only catch was Rob was out of town for work. 6 other 9 year old girls came over starting at 6pm. We made pizza's, then went roller skating, then back to our place for a lot of shrieking, giggling, late night cupcake making, late night snacks and junk food, movies, and more shrieking. It is quite amazing the amount of volume 8, 9 year old girls, plus Grace can make. I should have been more prepared with ear plugs.

All in all, excluding the skating rink injury for Isabelle which required her dad taking her to the emergency room at 10pm on a Friday night (sorry Bob), the party was a huge success. Thankfully my sister Lisa and her kids Jordan, Mackenzie, and Connor came to help me out. Mackenzie my almost 13 year old niece stayed the night to help out as well. It was fantastic. Happy Birthday Paige!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Paige and Volleyball

So in my effort to do a little catch up I stumbled upon some pictures from Paige's Volleyball season. She has quite a nack for it :) Of course I am a little excited about the fact that she loves it. Here is a great little video of her serving.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Love Math...

I don't really love math. I am enduring math. I am just about to finish my last class to finally graduate and it just happens to be math. If you are ever on my facebook, all I ever do lately is study math and eat M&Ms to get me through. My Professor (Scott Fallstrom) loves to provide us with entertaining extra credit opportunities. This is one of them. Valentine Tattoos. Of course I did it. I put them on, took pictures, and emailed them off for him to post. The only problem was that the next day I had to get X-rays, and and MRI for that shoulder and felt rather silly sporting "Math" tattoos. I seriously better get a good grade for this class.

Our silly little guy

So a couple of weeks ago, as I rounded the corner to go up the stairs (at about midnight) I was quite suprised to find our little man looking a bit like a sleeping catepillar at the top of the stairs. We laughed and of course had to take some pictures. We had no idea he had gotten out of bed, and have no clue as to how long he probably played at the top of the stairs before nodding off. Maybe he was just practicing for one of those carpet commercials. Regardless it sure is cute.

Happy Valentines Day!

This may be a bit belated, but it sure is cute. Crew is is quite the ham, and loves getting his picture taken these days. This shows off his latest haircut as well, which is basically still hair that sticks straight up, but is shorter.