Sunday, December 30, 2007

Gracie a Astronaut?

We went to the science factory last week during our winter break. Grace had fun playing astronaut, and loved learning about recycling, and conserving water and energy. She is now likely to ask you if you turn off the facet while brushing your teeth. She also had fun playing with shaving cream and food coloring in their project room. Lastly she and Whitney looked pretty cozy hugging so I couldn't help but add it in also.

Christmas Christmas Christmas

Paige was ecstatic about all the great things she got, even her new hat which looks super cute on her.

We were (Rob and I) so happy to buy lots and lots of cars and trucks this year. After almost 8 years of dolls, barbies, everything pink, we were as happy as crew to play with his toys. He seriously loves driving around his new cars.

Christmas at the McFarlanes

Paige was gracious enough to take a family picture of all of us without her, we were to lazy to set the timer. Whitney loved Christmas enough to smile for pictures the whole day. And Paige and Grace decided hugs were a really great thing especially when they just gave you a present.