Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunriver 2010

We love Sunriver. It is one of the first road trips Rob and I ever went on together. We also went there for one week of our honeymoon. Now we go back as often as possible. Someday we will live there...we keep saying, but for now we just keep visiting. We love the outdoor recreation, the rock climbing, the rivers, the scenery, and the snow. It is a place with so many great memories for us that we keep dragging our kids there to keep the tradition going.

I am not quite sure why we have the shovel out for sledding, other than it looks cool.

Crew loved sledding and I got a REALLY good workout pulling him up that snowhill 500 times because he wanted "Mommy to do it".

This was the perfect little bench for Whitney.

We created a new member of the family. We named him Fred.

The sledding may have been my favorite part. We found a new snow park just past Bachelor and went everyday in the late afternoon until dark. Sooooo fun!

Snow 101

This is snow art by Robert. I of course think its fantastic.

Perfecting the art of snow angels.

Snow cones...

Playing at the Park in the snow,

Trying to catch snowflakes on your tongue.

Just being "Lucy"

It started out rather innocently...Crew playing Dinosaurs, Lucy coming over to say hi...

Then Crew got distracted by Dinosaur train on PBS and Lucy got distracted by Danny the Dinosaur's head...
Then all of a sudden Crew came into the office crying with not 1, but 2 headless dinosaurs!