Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Little Picassos

OK so this is a little bit of catch up from summer. Paige and Grace enjoyed a full week of art camp. They loved it. At the end they had a fantastic art show to showcase their work. It was so much fun to see their creativity and their hard work.

Boys and Motorcycles

What is it about boys and motorcycles? I mean I like to go for a ride on the 4 wheelers as well, but I don't go balistic about it. For Crew this was love at first sight. He saw the 4 wheeler and weasled his way on to it with some very convincing cries. Then he held on until we absolutely had to go home for bedtime. He loved it. He was very composed and kept his cool and just cruised around with Uncle John and his cousin Ander who is peeking out from the back. They had a great time racing up and around the hill at Rob's parents house. I am sure he would have slept on it if we would have let him. He is a bike magnet for any and all kinds. He already stands on the back of his tricycle and pulls up the front wheel for a wheeley. Crazy little man.