Sunday, April 1, 2012

Father Daughter Dance

Right after Rob did his century ride, we drove back home and he took the girls out dancing! They had such a fun time.

Bike Race

Rob did an awesome bike race this past February. He participated in the "Tour de Palm Springs". It was 104 miles total. His work (Gilbane) had a group of 15+ people going. I had fun hanging out with the kids at the pool while he biked all over the place. We made it in time to see him finish. It was super fun for all of us and the kids loved seeing him in his racing gear.


and so it begins...t-ball season. Crew loves it. Not necessarily trying to catch the ball, but he does love to throw the ball and hit the ball...if it is on the T.

Little Crew

Recently Crew had his kindergarten shots. Poor guy. We realized his weight has pretty much stayed the same since he had a belly when he was 2. He is taller now, but pretty much on the really skinny side. He still really likes popsicles too!
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