Friday, November 28, 2008

Mc "Rob"

Soccer coach... field trip guy...

This fall Rob not only coached Paige's team (again), but he also coached Gracie's team as well. Now this might not sound so amazing, but he also did it much of the time with Crew on his back (in the backpack) and Whitney in the wings. This term it sounded good for me to take classes at night. Good in theory, not so great for Rob. He is the best soccer coach ever - of course - just ask any of the girls or parents from the teams they all love him. While Rob had some down time after his Peacehealth Riverbend job wound down he also had some time to go on a field trip with Grace. It was back to his old Alma Mater at the University of Oregon. They all had a great time, and got to run some laps at Hayward Field. Thanks Rob for all you do. (Our neighbor and good friend came up with the McRob name, several of us have Robs for husbands and my Robs is easiest to distinguish the Mc.)
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Family Traditions

Every year since Paige was 8 months old we have made a trip to the pumpkin patch. We loving going to Thistle Down Farms. We take the hay ride out, and we each pick "our" pumpkin.

We hang around the farm and check out the animals, the kids play in the hay maze, we buy produce, their amazing warm, fresh, homemade donuts and apple cider.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Fall Harvest

There is a great little bridge that was a great picture spot. Crew just loves looking at the moose on his boots.

They are good at enduring my endless torment of picture taking...

We all love picking out our pumpkins. Rob equally loves hauling them all over the place for us.

Crew wasn't getting the, "Just one buddy, just one."

This is such a cute little farm. They have so many fun little places to explore.

The Oregon Coast

We recently spent the weekend at the Oregon Coast. We were very fortunate to experience incredible weather (seriously the girls were a little sunburnt). We decided to drive along Hwy 101 on our way home and made several stops along the way.

It was so much fun. The whole weekend was fantastic. I love family time.