Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Practice

While I was out of town last weekend in Portland, Rob being the amazing dad that he is got all of the kids ready in the Halloween costumes and took them to our wards Trunk-or-Treat. This is our cute little witch getting ready to go get some candy.

And this is our cute little Dragon, eating some candy.

...and our cat...

...the entire bunch...

...and tinkerbell, of course overwhelmed with joy for candy.

Although I missed out on this evening they were all generous enough to share their spoils with me. I love Halloween, even when its just practice.


Meg said...

Yeah you got pictures! My kids dressed up twice now and I don't have a single one. Maybe on Halloween.

Ha ha.

Trudi & Gary said...

Toooo cute! :-)
Go Robbie - super dad, Tannya you were right. I remember how much trouble my dad had just making a pony-tail. Looks like a fun night and the kids look happy, next time get Paige to take a picture of the adults too. ;-)
Thanks for the email, yes ya'll are cool with pictures (I was trying to show the rest of our family what a great example you are), although I'd love more if you want. School pictures? really? that is just too cool, I like being the cool Aunt, thanks!

Amy said...

Awww, everyone is so cute, Tannya! I can't believe how all your kids have grown. What the heck! Has it been that long since we've seen you? Miss you guys!

Kricket said...

What a fun family. We miss you!

John, Kirstin, Emma, Anderson, Stewart said...

Robert you are awesome! What a good team you guys are.

garrett said...

Go Rob! Halloween is no small feat. Did you have a costume, too?

Isn't it great that you can reuse costumes?