Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Paige

Right after the holidays we go into birthday mode. Paige, Grace, and I all have our birthdays within 1 month of each other. So it gets a bit crazy. This was the beginning with Paige turning 9. This year we let her have a "sleepover". In theory it seemed like a great idea. The only catch was Rob was out of town for work. 6 other 9 year old girls came over starting at 6pm. We made pizza's, then went roller skating, then back to our place for a lot of shrieking, giggling, late night cupcake making, late night snacks and junk food, movies, and more shrieking. It is quite amazing the amount of volume 8, 9 year old girls, plus Grace can make. I should have been more prepared with ear plugs.

All in all, excluding the skating rink injury for Isabelle which required her dad taking her to the emergency room at 10pm on a Friday night (sorry Bob), the party was a huge success. Thankfully my sister Lisa and her kids Jordan, Mackenzie, and Connor came to help me out. Mackenzie my almost 13 year old niece stayed the night to help out as well. It was fantastic. Happy Birthday Paige!!!


Trudi & Gary said...

what a fun party - wish we were there!!!

Did our gift arrive yet?


love ya,
Trudi & Gary

Meg said...

I bet Paige was in birthday heaven!

rachel said...

This is only the beginning of many late night sleepover parties for you with all your girls! Just take lots of pictures. Your daughters will love the memories you're letting them make.