Monday, March 2, 2009

Yes, we did have Christmas...

We did actually celebrate Christmas this year. It was wonderful of course. I love love love Christmas. We had so much fun playing games, cooking food, seeing family. It is the best time of year. Christmas morning the kids actually let us sleep in until 8:30. It was their present to us.

Gracie was super excited of course. She was literally bouncing off the walls.

My favorite gift was a much needed gift card to a local spa. Thanks Rob you are the best.

Our kids love Christmas breakfast. It is the only time of the year they get a box of "sugary" cereal.

Seriously cute. They are so much fun.

Yes they are silly much if not most of the time.


Meg said...

I'm not sure if I posted about Christmas either.

I love this new trend...all these posts. I can tell school is for sure winding down.

Adam, Mary, Madison, Aubrey, Riley and Cali said...

I love how you are posting these in is so me...and well the mother of four! Your kids are adorable. I think Rob is the best as well giving you that wonderful gift to the spa...although you look the same...4 kids seems to have done little on the wearing side of your beauty...radiant as always, Tannya!

kg said...

Hi Tannya,

I found your blog via Courtney Mooney. It's fun to see pictures of your growing family. Mark and I are all the way in Alabama now and really enjoying it.

Take care,

Kim (Baumgartner) Greenfield