Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Christmas Photos

Me and my cute girls! I must say that it is a lot of fun having all these cute girls. We already have a great time shopping together :) Sorry Rob! They love to get, "mani-pedis", and fortunately for me they still love wearing matching outfits. I LOVE IT!

Gracie was not interested in taking pics after she had already wore this outfit to church for 3 hours. I hear ya! We were all ready to change. Still look how grown up my Gracie girl is.

Wow, we take up a lot of space these days. Look how handsome our 2 boys are!

This was my favorite pic of the day. My chocolate and vanilla version of our kids. They are cute sisters.
Crew can't help it can he. He is just always adorable and cute. Plus look at how well he poses. I (and pretty much everyone else) can't help but think he is adorable. He kept asking everyone if they liked his hat at church.