Monday, March 17, 2008

Where has the time gone???

It has been an exceptionally busy last few months. I have completely posting any news of The McFarlanes for many weeks now. We have survived illness, birthdays, holidays, weather, and school. I finish up my last final tomorrow (for this term) and saying, "I can't wait" doesn't really do justice to the extent of my emotions for finishing this term. I have loved my classes and this term, but they have been very difficult and time consuming (I had to read 10 books between 2 classes). I will have 2 weeks off and hopefully will be able to post pictures and do updates from the last little while. Here are a few that I had enough time to put together.


Meg said...

Good luck on your last final!!!

Kricket said...

Make sure you look at your post about your hard wood floors. Garrett made a comment for you there. I look forward to seeing more posts from your family. We miss you!

Church Family said...

Hey lady, great update. I hope you are enjoying your time off campus. YOur little family looks great. Wow, Paige 8! We can't be that old. I still remember sitting on the carpet on my livingroom floor on a Sunday in Utah when you called to say a little baby was on the way. Miss you