Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gracie turns 6!!!

In march Grace turned 6. She was ecstatic to say the least. We had her "party" at Rainbow Park and Playground here in Eugene. It was great. Grace was all smiles and loved being with all her friends. Grace is so much fun, she is always happy and wanting to make everyone else happy to.


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to one of your little princesses! Who's the sad little pouty face on the slide?? Sad.
So great chatting with you last night. You're a doll!

Meg said...

Lauren says "I was sad about that I really wanted to go." But we had a good time with Grandpa Bob. Happy birthday Grace...too bad you are having a sick though. :-(

Meg said...

Insert "week" in between sick and though...then it will make sense. :-)