Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Prairie Mountain Monkeys

Paige just finished her soccer season. Rob coaches this team and lets the girls pick whatever they want for their mascot. They picked Monkeys. Somewhere half way through the season we realized. Hey. We have a monkey suit for Crew. So here is our mascot doing what he loves best kicking the ball around. Paige had a great time playing soccer and is excited to do a camp this summer. Rob loves coaching the team and they won 7 out of their 8 games. Now from the last picture you might think a. they are running at practice, b. they are in a game. However in all honesty their game just finished and they are running back to get the donuts that Kaitlyn's mom brought.


Rachel said...

What cute little monkeys!

Trudi & Gary said...

OMG - crew is tooooo cute in that mascot suit! What a fun family activity, just one question - where's the coach pic?
Love ya'll,
Gary & Trudi

Meg said...

Sports at this age are really all about the treats! Yum. I want to come to your games now.

Cute monkey Crew and great way to keep him warm.