Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wii Tournament

I emailed my workout buddie - Margaret to let her know that I was in fact sore from playing wii tennis. She laughingly said we should have a wii tournament. So we did. It was sooooo fun, there was tons of great and yummy food, but what might have been the highlight was the actual sweat bands Margaret brought for all of us to wear. Margaret you rock! It was hilarious, with many, many laugh out loud moments. Thanks girlies for coming over last minute and indulging in my silly whims.


acte gratuit said...

Hi Tannya! I've been spending way too much time clicking on blog links tonight and somehow stumbled into your blog! Just wanted to say "hello"! Your girls are so cute and are getting so grown up! Are you guys still in Oregon?
Hope you're doing well!!!
Emily W. formerly of The Sunset Ward

Trudi & Gary said...

So... did you play wii tennis, or a variety of all the games. And I bet you won and are just being modest. ;-)

Meg said...

SUPER FUN TIMES!!!! We should do it again. Or some other sport. And your food was DIVINE like always. Teach me oh wise one!