Monday, June 22, 2009


I recently purchased a few items. I couldn't quite fit them in with all my kids in the car. My friend Kristy very generously offered to bring my kids home from the gym so I could stop by and pick up some of my stuff. I first went to Cost Plus to pick up a table, bench and some chairs for our back patio. After I got it loaded in the car I thought, "I wonder if I can fit in the bunk bed and bean bag that just came in too?'' Now I am a mom of 4 kids. To be out running errands even with just 15 minutes to spare, without my kids is somewhat of a miracle so I decided I could totally fit it all in. Now you have to imagine as I pulled up to the 2nd store with my Dodge Durango half full already the guy was positive the stuff would not fit. I smiled, laughed out loud really and said, "It will me....I am annoying like that, " and guess what? It totally fit. The door closed and everything. I decided to take pictures to prove it to those (my husband mainly) who might not believe that everything taking up all the garage space really did only take me one trip. I love being persistent.

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