Monday, June 22, 2009

Who's that girl!!!

Recently our 3rd child, Whitney, graduated from preschool. We were excited for her. She like her older 2 sisters had a graduation / singing ensemble. This is her letting us know beforehand that she is ready and can't wait to show us her performance potential. We had no idea.

You see we had no clue that Whitney, our family comedian, was also a professional singer. She has moves we had no idea about. She knew all the words, sang quite loud, had all the moves down (as well as some of her own). She was front and center and let everyone know she was the fantastic. We stared at her our mouths gaping wondering who this child was. It was hilarious. We had so much fun watching her, laughing, and congratulating her along with several other parents afterwards. Like I said, "Who knew"?

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Meg said...

I puffy heart love Whitney! :) She is my little friend. And I will be sad when she no longer wants to be a snowman when she grows up.