Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our newest addition

So if you have ever been to our house chances are you have met "Brownie". Brownie is our 3 year old bunny we brought home when we bought our house. I was pregnant with Crew and not quite ready to own a dog yet.

Yesterday our neighbors came home to find a baby bunny in their backyard. She was actually cuddling with their dog. They of course showed her to us (because we are serious suckers for any cute animal) and because they new we had a bunny already.

It looks like we have a new baby bunny named cupcake unless a previous owner comes around looking for her. We have asked all the neighbors around are block and so far we haven't found anyone (which my kids are very happy about).
Brownie is our very mellow super soft and very sweet girl. She adores "Cupcake". They are always snuggled up next to each other when the kids actually put "Cupcake" down (which isn't very often). Cupcake is always perched on one of their shoulders, beds, riding their stuffed animals or playing hide and seek with them. It is really very endearing.
She is really tiny. She actually fits in one of my hands.

I have warned them she might not be around to stay, but we are having fun with her while she is.

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Meg said...

WOW Tannya. 2 pets. And 4 kids. I am impressed.