Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stephenie Meyers, "The Host"

So way back in May I skipped school to go with some girlfriends up to Portland to Stephenie Meyer's book signing for her latest release, "The Host". We are all a little bit smitten with her Twilight series ( Although I felt a bit guilty going without Margaret, we had a very interesting crew going. Jen with her -had surgery 3 days before including installing several pins into her leg, brought along her mom and really good friend who I can't remember her name. Brooke with baby Ethan, pregnant Kristi and Kristine, and me. Thanks to Jen's pain and suffering we had the entire front row. It was such a great time. Stephenie is a talented individual, entertaining speaker who is passionate about her characters and loves what she is doing. She was a gracious host and asked that those with injuries (JEN) and with babies (BROOKE) get to go through and have their books signed first.


The Bahens said...

I'm still bummed I didn't drag Ellie up to Portland to go with you guys! I'm officially tagging you Tannya. The rules are posted on my awesome (translation: totally lame) new blog,

Rachel said...


My good friend in San Diego went to her signing and wasn't that impressed with her. I'm glad you guys were. (She even sent me a signed copy of Twilight...oooh aaaah!!!)

You look great... as always! :)

Meg said...

YEAH!!! Pictures.

Love that you all went. Wished I had been there you for missing me!

Can't wait for our Breaking Dawn party though.

Thanks for being my workout buddy!

Kristine & Jeremy said...

Very fun trip, thanks for posting pictures!

Church Family said...

What a loyal fan. All the way to Portland. So how is the book?? Worth getting? Or do I hold out 3 more weeks for AUG 2nd!!!! Can't wait.