Sunday, January 27, 2008

Strep Throat

So the other day Grace was not feeling well. Her voice had been "funny" for a few days, but she had not complained at all about feeling sick. Then she woke up with a fever and was noticeably not well. Crew on this same Friday was also uncomfortable to say the least (like you couldn't put him down at all) so I called the doctor and got them in for the last appointment of the day on a Friday. Paige was at piano, Rob was still at work, so Whitney, Crew, Grace and I all went in for the appt. After the doctors initial exam of Grace she really just thought it was viral, however, she did decide to try a throat culture for strep. Thankfully her office has the ph test that take all of 2 minutes to tell you if you are positive for it or not. Grace was. The doctor then proceeds to check out Crew. Which also appeared to be viral. I was suprised when she said he didn't have ear infections (mainly because I wanted it to be something fixable so I could sleep at night again). She mentioned his throat was also red. So I asked her to do a throat culture for Crew. She said, "it is very rare for a child under 3 to get strep throat", and "in all my years of practice I have only had it happen about 5 times". Regardless of this I still wanted his throat cultured, which she obliged. Hey its my insurance anyways right. So when the timer went off 2 minutes later and the nurse who was doing it dropped her mouth open, we were very shocked that Crew in fact had strep throat also. We (the doctor and I) instantly turn our heads to look at Whitney, who hasn't been the slightest bit sick at all, and who has been reading a book to herself and singing in the corner the entire time. The doctor says we better check her to. Guess what, yes, really Whitney to tested positive for strep. She also wrote me a prescription for Paige, who did in fact come down with a fever the next day. So this is a picture of 1 of 4 bottles of antibiotics we were so lucky to get to pour down our kids throats twice a day for 10 days. The pharmacy tech. got quite a laugh when she used every last drop of Augmentin that they had in stock for us. Yippie.

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Rachel said...

Oh no. I am so sorry! At least you're getting it out of the way....?
I hope you take advantage of Target pharmacy's coupons they offer every now and then for new or transerred prescriptions ($10 gift card each one!) OR Rite-Aid's (which I heard is $30 gift card).
So yeah, that orangette blog is pretty cool. Thanks for mentioning it to me. I'll have to take more time and read through their archives one of these days.