Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Whitney

Whitney has been excited for an entire year to turn 4. We celebrated together as a family and for breakfast opened presents. She loved her special day.

Paige gave Whitney a Dora Doll. Whitney wanted to have her hair the same and dress in her Hawiian dress to look like Dora. Dora spent the entire day with us.


Trudi & Gary said...

Happy Birthday Whitney! We are soooo glad you had fun on your special day! :-)

happy birthday Whitney
you're such a cute girl
the smile you give free
lights up the world
so glad that you're our niece
I'll give you a swirl
cause your grin gives me peace
it's worth more than a pearl

love you!
Aunt Trudi & Uncle Gary

Meg said...

I just LOVE whitney! I wish I had one too!☺ My favorite thing about Whitney is how she always looks you in the eye with a cute little smile. And, the fact that she wants to be a snowman when she grows up!!