Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Strawberry Patch

Going to pick strawberries is one of our family traditions. We do it every year. Its like a treasure hunt trying to find the biggest, reddest most perfect strawberry. It is hard to tell if we ever find it because many of the strawberries end up in someones belly. Each of us has our own bucket to fill up. Paige and Grace get theirs pretty fast, Witney gets about 1/4 of a bucket and Crew wears his like a hat.

As you can tell Crew was so excited to be there. He could hardly contain his enthusiasm.

Whitney spent the majority of the time getting herself water. She drank at least a gallon and then helped everyone else get water to.

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Trudi & Gary said...

Oh what a fun time - I bet you had pink fingers by the end of the day. :-)
Which strawberry patch did you go to?
Angie & I picked for a summer job once when we were in high school... great time, still love the way the thistle flowers match the color of the inside of the strawberries.
Love ya, Trudi & Gary