Monday, August 18, 2008

Indoor Picnic

We have had some very strange weather for August. Its 80 degrees with thunder storms and lightning. Whitney got this cute picnic blanket from Grace for her birthday so we decided to have an indoor picnic. Crew has figured out the pros of having 3 sisters. They will do everything for him. It works out well for me to. Although Crew and Whitney are like identical twins he and Grace look an awful lot a like in this picture. Love the diaper :) We are soooooo excited to potty train. A few more months people, a few more months.


Anna said...

I hear the choir and I'm already cheering for you- potty trained kids rock!

Trudi & Gary said...

What a great idea - indoor picnics are something fun you can do year round and a great way to make family memories! Your kids will be telling this story for years to come - wish we could have been there too. :-)
Trudi & Gary

Meg said...

When I first read Anna's comment...I thought it said "potty training rocks!" And I was so shocked to read that. But, now I see it says "potty trained kids rock" that makes more sense. Ha Ha.

Indoor picnic...such a good mom thing to do!

peacekeeper said...

hey there fun to see your blog and catch up on what you guys are up to. The kids are so cute and so much bigger than last time we saw you guys and there are more of them too :) it has been way too long. if your in utah you'll have to stop by and we will try to get up there again sometime soon we hope.
Picnics inside are so fun! I hope potty training goes great...we are almost there too.
love jessica

Adam, Mary, Madison, Aubrey, Riley and Cali said...

Tanya! I hope it's okay that I clicked on your link from off of Jessica Neilson. I read some of your blog...but then wanted to get your permission! It's crazy you have four kids. We are in Denver and loving life. Our blog is I'd like to invite you. Let's switch info...ours is It's so good to see pics of you guys. We've thought of you often and it's great to see things are going well. Last time I saw you was at Disneyland and you were prego with girl #3! Looks like you found luck in your 4th. We have four girls! LOL Write me when you get a chance.
Mary Willis (from U of O...Spencer View Apts 2001)