Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Haircut for Paige

It was time wasn't it. Paige decided at long last that she wanted to cut her hair. So I grabbed the scissors had her stand in the shower and cut away. We sent the cut ponytail off to "Locks for Love" and then took Paige in to a professional stylist to even out my unprofessional job. The results are adorable. She looks so cute, and as a mom with 3 girls it makes my mornings go so much easier.


Trudi & Gary said...

Paige - way to go! Locks of love is an awesome idea, I'm proud of you! And your haircut is awesome, you look so grownup!
Love you, Aunt Trudi & Uncle Gary

Meg said...

She looked adorable at the pool! Good job mom!

Thanks again for picking me up at the airport last night! You are the best!