Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lance Armstrong watch out

So the Tour de France started 4 days ago and as you can see our whole family is ready for it. These are Robs biking clothes. The kids all wanted to try them on. Crew has on the bibs. He looks a little more like a wrestler than a biker, but we are hopeful he will grow into them.


Meg said...

Too funny! Love the bibs on crew!

Rachel said...

Your kids are darling!
Great seeing you Sunday.

Trudi & Gary said...

I think your girls are on to a new fashion idea, bike inspired dresses (lol) - way tooooo cute and funny!
Where's the matching bike helmets?
love you all,
Trudi & Gary

Brady & Brooke said...

The kids look awesome. You have to teach them while they are young. Viva la tour!

Anna said...

So cute! Your 4 peeps are adorable.

gingerakin said...

Hey you guys, we are coming to Eugene next month, are you going to be around? We would love to meet up with you and the fam. Call me. 801-644-6441 or e-mail me Hope to hear from you soon.


nic said...

Tannya I just found your blog. I love it. Hope all is well in good old Eugene.
Nicole Reese