Thursday, July 3, 2008


Our little Crew said his first 4 letter word today. MINE. We all laughed really hard. Really it wasn't his first 4 letter word rather his first 4 letter word that we regret him learning at such a young age. It was incredibly clear and very distinct. Mine, as in, "Don't touch, get away, I'm not sharing". Its actually suprising that it wasn't his first word since he is the 4th child, but other things like dog, ball, car, bike all seemed more important for his vocabulary. We are grateful. He is pretty cute and convincing as you can see, however, I am sure at least with all of us the charm will eventually wear off when he is grabbing my sunglasses (I am already on my 3rd pair this summer thanks to Crew), or the wii remotes from the girls.


Trudi & Gary said...

OMG - how cute, love the picture!
Crew is awesome, wish we lived closer, so I could say "mine" right back when I picked him up and zerbit him on the neck.
So glad to be his Aunt Trudi & Uncle Gary

Kristine & Jeremy said...

He's out numbered and recognizes at an early age the need to stake out his own territory, haha! :) Too cute.

The Hansens said...

Love it! Sounds like a fourth child.

Meg said...

That was me above!