Friday, July 4, 2008


OK so apparently it is my turn to be tagged and then tag you. So be warned it will be coming your way. Now don't blame me, because I was tagged before I tagged you from my friend Melissa a.k.a lulu the baker. Cute name Melissa I like it. Here we go rules and all.

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Here are six random things about me:

#1 I am completely obsessed with food. Not just I like it, or I like it a lot, but obsessed. It is mainly related to things of the sugar, sweet, chocolate variety, but I am not biased food in general will do. Now a lot of people think they understand when I say this, but really you can't possibly. It is what I imagine happens to people that are addicted to alcohol or drugs and I don't say that lightly. I can eat a Costco size bag of peanut m&ms without blinking. Yes my stomach hurts after I finish, and yes I don't feel well for a little while either but thats not the point. I can and I often do eat it. I don't have a gage that tells me to stop or that I am full. I kind of have a bottomless pit. I can keep eating when everyone else has long since been done. Its really not funny. I don't know how to stop it, and I wonder if I would if I could. I mean sure its probably bad for my health long term, but I haven't taken the time to figure out how, I guess I haven't wanted to know. I love, love, love junk food. I "really" go many days with only eating junk. Its what I think about when I wake up. I say to myself, "OK" I am not going to eat anything bad for me today. And then 1:00 rolls around and I grab a bag of ghiradelli chocolate chips and polish them off, or bake them, which brings me to #2.

#2 I love, no wait, I LOVE to bake. I love measuring out all the ingredients, I love turning on my 6 qt stainless steel kitchen aid and hearing the whrrrr of the blade against the ingredients. My babies all fell asleep to this sound. I love to knead any dough I have to stick my hands in, I love to go to the grocey store and buy, buy, buy flour, cinnamon, sugar, cream (especially cream). Seriously though it really relates to #1 because I LOVE to eat dough, and batter. I'm not a dough or batter snob either, pretty much any dough or batter will do. Yes I know about raw eggs, but I DON"T CARE. It tastes good. I make brownies and cake not for the end result, but for the middle result. My husband would come home and say, "What is this in the pan?" He couldn't tell they were brownies or a cake because usually they rise more than a cm from the bottom of the pan. Ahhh baking I love the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls, bread, cookies, pastries, mmmmm this is making me hungry. There is just something soothing about creating something that looks, tastes, and smells so delicious.

#3 OK so if you don't know me you might be wondering about what I look like. Well along with an eating disorder/obsession I also have one for working out. Maybe I should have put this one first. I think this obsession ultimately wins out because if I am really training for something I will make myself do a sugar/baking fast. The longest has been 4 months. I love to run, I love to bike, hike, climb, lift weights, do the elipticle anything that involves a great workout I love. I love feeling completely exhausted where I can barely move my arms or my legs because they are so worn out they don't function anymore. It feels great. I ran a 10K today. I thought I was going to puke on the mile uphill because I ate 2 donuts yesterday for lunch, but it still felt great. I love to run, and run, and run and run. I am not fast, but I can go forever. It is my stress reliever, my vice, my coping mechanism, and the way I deal with my eating obsession. I don't know if I run to eat, or eat to run, but either way I love them both.

#4 I love babies. If you know me at all you will know this. I can't walk by one without making some ridiculous sound. Alas this is why I have 4 of my own. Being pregnant kills me or I would have 10 at least I am sure. I love them. I love to hold them, kiss them. I am immune to their crying. Trust me. My first had colic for a year screaming often all her waking moments, but I still had more. I love love love love babies. My friend Heather let me watch her 3 week old and I almost cried I was so excited. He would have probably slept the whole time in his car seat but NO WAY, I held him while I played wii with his big brother. My baby is 19 months now and I don't care I will hold him until he is 5 if he lets me, or until my hip breaks. There is just something about their sweet gentle spirits that I can't get enough of.

#5 I am really scared of heights. This is something I try to keep on the down low because I love to rock climb, hike, and mountain climb. So the two don't really mix. Its absurd I know. I didn't really understand until I met my husband Rob. He took me rock climbing for our first date and thats when I knew this is the man I am going to marry, I loved it. Then we started to go all the time outdoors and the first time I had to repell off a 90 foot cliff I swore I was going to die. I am fine once I am off the edge and scaling down, but I can't make myself move off the end very well. I have learned to not look down, and I close my eyes and take deep breaths when I need to. Rob on the other hand is crazy, crazy, he runs off the cliff facing forward (Austrian repelling) and runs down the cliff. He has issues.

#6 I'm a news junky. I love the news. Newspaper, online, TV, however I can get it I will take it. It really interesting to me. I like to know what is going on everywhere with everyone. hmmm I wonder what that means about me....anyways I really love to watch CNN, PBS, Fox News,Katie, Larry King, Anderson Cooper, GMA, whatever. If its news worthy I will take it. I love sportscenter, ESPN I, II, etc. News News News.

Now on to the tagging. Happy times people Happy times.
- Brooke Cottle (love ya)
- Laura Church (miss you)
- Susie (I hope we move closer to you)
- Margaret (my amazing blogger friend and workout buddy)
- Ashley (whats up)
- Lanie (lets get together soon!!!)


Tania said...

Oh my gosh! All I could say as I read #2 is ME TOO! I LOVE to bake. Especially during fall and winter with apples and cinnamon, MMM! I wish I loved to run too! So fun to learn a little more about you!

Sandi said...

I have to disagree with your comment to Susie.


Kristine & Jeremy said...

"I love feeling completely exhausted where I can barely move my arms or my legs because they are so worn out they don't function anymore."

Teach me how to do this, my husband would really, really appreciate it if I developed a love for exhaustion!

Meg said...

Loved this post! I knew most of it so I felt good for paying attention! Ha Ha

I'm glad you like to exercise. You've been a great exercise buddy!!!☺